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last update June 1998

METROPOLIS at LAS VEGAS Winter CES1998 Jan.7.-11.98

We are the worldwide exclusive distributor of MEGAVISION DVD-player modifications
MEGAVISION was the worlds first Innovator of intelligent codefree modifications

first A100 "codefree" spring 1997 (no pins off solution!)
first A350 Multiregionswitchboards late 1997
first with Macrovision "Off" march 1998

Sensational Article appeared at the German Home Theater Magazine AUDIOVISION2/98 (click for copy of the test) proving, that our electronic engineer was the first in Europe with an intelligent A350modification. They made a 6 page article and explain all details. Two other companies had no modification yet ready, even if they tell so in their advertisings!

We are pleased to introduce DVD players, capable to play DVDs without restriction by „local codes" or video standard. Our preferred model for European customers is the A350 which we found very reliable. We have changed now our modification to a new concept, the dual, triple or quadra code-board. In the future, DVD code1 software will be more "intelligent" to recognize a code 0 or "pins up" modification like to surpass the code-recognizing EEPROM-chips (the so called "legs/pins-up" modification).
So the next and logical step is to give the DVD the right region code it needs and switch different chips with our switchboard. Our board allows up to 4 different codes or Video standards. The most wanted European version will be something like Code 2 PAL+ Code1 NTSC (on 4,43MHz PAL-carrierfrequency). We can also add a third chip with Code1 NTSC 3,58MHz. This is important with the 2 existing different NTSC Versions. You need NTSC3,58 for most Video-Projectors. Most of the European TV sets, "emulate" NTSC with their higher carrierfrequency of 4,43Mhz (called PAL 60). You could also add code 2  NTSC 4,43 for DVD's imported from JAPAN, or any other combination, as you like.
More infos on this side

A350.jpg (14505 Byte)
PANASONIC A350 - DVD-MOD4a quadra switchboard

DVD-MOD 4A for real Multinorm TV's and Projectors
(region 2 for PAL/NTSC3,58Mhz + region1 NTSC3,58+ region 3/4/5/6 PAL/NTSC3,58Mhz )

DVD-MOD 4B for TVs with NTSC Emulation, also called PAL60
(region 2 for PAL/NTSC4,43Mhz + region1 NTSC4;43+ region 3/4/5/6 PAL/NTSC4,43Mhz )

only 1899.-DM (incl 16% VAT May 1998)

Check pricelist, picture and technical specs Panasonic A350 model here

  Infos about the new US DVD player of Panasonic A310 please klick here! 


Den_3000.jpg (21635 bytes)

NEW now also available DENON 3000 (modified Panasonic A350)
in gold - dual region switchboard
(region 1+2 for PAL TV's 4,43Mhz version )
only 1999.-DM (incl 16%VAT May 1998)

METROPOLIS Music & Home Cinema products
thats our main busines

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a350.jpg (19740 bytes)
Panasonic A 110 DVD Player, region Code 1,  NTSC  110Volt with 80 Watt 220/240 V Adapter 1.199,-DM
Panasonic  A 310 DVD Player, Region Code 1,  integrated Dolby AC3 Decoder+ DTS Koax-Digital-out, 110Volt with 80 Watt 220/240 V Adapter 1499,-DM
A350 Macrovision off included free now!
Panasonic  A 350 DVD Player, Code 2, MPEG2/AC3 Decoder included ask for our best price!
Panasonic A 350 

Modification Code2 PAL 4.43 + code1 NTSC 4.43 (NTSC on PAL TV)and NTSC 3,58Mhz original NTSC(bestquality!)  + code2 NTSC (Japan discs) actual delivery time for a modified player 2weeks! switchboards available from stock!
COMPONENT out via SCART - DTS compatibility soonafter launch of the DTS DVD samplers!

PANASONIC   A310    A110   L 10 portable DVD
technical specs of all new models
pioneerdvl909.jpg (10350 bytes)
Pioneer DVL 909 LD+DVD combi Player, Multi-Code 1-6, PAL/NTSC3,58+4,43 only 2399.-DM!
Pioneer DV 505 DVD Player, Multi-Code 1-6, PAL/NTSC, 10bit Video-DAC only 1399.-DM!
    both players MACROVISION "OFF" !!! regionchange via remote control  

dvps7000.jpg (12550 bytes)

photo shows the legendary S7000 model which will be replaced soon by model 7700!

Sony  DVP S 715 new generation players, multicode soon ask for our best offer
Sony  DVP S 315 new generation players, multicode soon ask for our best offer
Denon DVD 2000 DVD Player, Code 1, NTSC
Denon DVD 3000 (A350) Modification Code Free, PAL 4.43 / NTSC 4.43/3,58 2199.-DM
Toshiba SD 2108 new! DVD Player, Code 1, NTSC, DTS 1.599,-
MICROMEGA Premium DVD Player
micromegadvd.jpg (5097 bytes)
Micromega Premium DVD Player, S-Video or RGB out (CODEFRREE!) special modified Highest Audio Quality + PAL playback, High End RGBcable included 3800.-DM 
faroudja_dvd.jpg (3488 bytes)
Faroudja DVD 1000 DVD Player, Code 1, NTSC please ask for our best price

delivery time about 1 week after payment

All prices are in Deutsche Mark ( 1,85DM = 1US $-April 98), 

includes 16 % tax (VAT, TVA, Mwst) and a 1 year guarantee on our modification, or if player was bought at us.

outside European Community tax free! (= retailprice/1.16) but a 80.-DM fee for the customs declaration paperwork 

All prices payment in advance to our account at Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank or NEW!!! Mastercard !!!

we ship via UPS or Deutsche Bundespost ! 

shipping cost in EC-Europe from 50.-  to 80.-DM for parcels, up to 5kg. 
One day UPS Express delivery add another 60-80DM


orders, questions : DVD@home-cinema.com 


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