Zarathustra S4 - das Analog Laufwerk - the analogue turntable


we are the maker of the ZARATHUSTRA S4 analogue turntable, which represents a reference among analogue turntables today (according to the leading German magazines HiFi-VISION and STEREOPLAY). By using only the finest components, we succeeded in creating a musical instrument, that appeals to the most critical connoisseurs of analogue music. The design was created by one of the most respected English developers of analogue turntables (Simon Yorke).

This turntable ( The S5 version, the S4 with enclosure made of stone and glass) was also produced for Cello and sold under their own brandname.

The ZARATHUSTRA is cut out of stainless steel, not of cheap aluminium!

The parts are made by a German high-precision company that also produces parts for Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

The ZARATHUSTRA turntable will be followed 1997/98 by other high-end products like amplifiers, solid silver cables (PTFE Insulator!) and loudspeakers.


21 Jun 1997 [Author]